Reasons For Needing Self Storage

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There are lots of reasons to use our self-storage facilities in Bromsgrove. Here we explore just some of the reasons you may wish to rent a secure self-storage unit.

Reasons For Needing Self Storage


If you have lots of furniture and belongings then moving to a smaller property can present all sorts of problems. You may not have space in your new home, and it can be difficult to decide what will fit, and what won’t. Placing some, or all of your excess furniture and/or belongings in storage can be a temporary solution, and will take the pressure off. You don’t want to be rushed into making a decision to sell or give things away, and later regret it, or have too much furniture crammed into your new place because you haven’t got round to disposing of it. You don’t have to part with the things you have collected, and love just because it’s time to move to a smaller home.

House move

Using storage when you are moving house can offer multiple solutions. If you have a lot of furniture and personal belongings in your home it may be a good idea to de-clutter and remove furniture to create a more spacious feel. It is also recommended to remove personal items as this can be off-putting for buyers. They need to be able to visualise it as their home, not yours. Having lots of clutter on show when people view your house may make them question the amount of storage space available.

Storage can also be used when they conveyancing process isn’t quite lined up. You may need to vacate your property to protect your property sale, but your onward purchase may not be able to complete on the same day. Whilst you might be able to stay with family or friends until your purchase completes, it is unlikely they will be able to accommodate you and all of your furniture and belongings too!  Self storage can bridge the gap between vacating your old house and moving into your new home.

Can’t find the right property to buy? Placing your belongings into storage temporarily while you take time to search for the right property also means you have more options for rented accommodation whilst you are looking. You can rent somewhere small and potentially cheaper because you don’t need to rent somewhere big enough for all of your furniture. It also means you can avoid packing and unpacking numerous times.

Home improvements and property renovations

A self storage unit is the perfect solution when you are carrying out home renovations. You can not only create space for work, and for storage of tools and materials required to carry out work, but you are also moving your furniture and belongings into a safe, clean space and ensuring they don’t dusty, or worst still damaged.

Moving abroad? If you are relocating abroad it can take time to arrange for all of your items to be shipped over to you. Place then in temporary self-storage whilst you sort out the logistics.

Seasonal storage

Seasonal goods, and that’s not just the Christmas tree and decorations, though we can store these too.

Seasonal storage could include garden furniture such as table and chairs, parasols, barbecues etc. Gardening machinery, such as a lawn mower or scarifier.

Also, if you have a large wardrobe of clothes you may wish to store your heavy winter clothes away during the summer months and store summer clothes away in winter to allow more space in your wardrobe. You can access your self storage space 7 days a week so if you do need to retrieve that special outfit, then it’s accessible.

Cars, trailers, motorbikes, bicycles

Storage is available for the safe storage of larger items such as vehicles and bikes.

Self storage for students

University students often come home for the summertime and clearing out all of your belongings and bringing them back home to your parents home isn’t always ideal. Often students acquire various items of furniture such as a bed, a sofa, a desk and chair and smaller items such as a lamp, a TV, a microwave and kettle, bedding etc. All of these items can be stored securely for the summer period in a self storage unit close by to your university or college location to be retrieved and re-instated in your new student accommodation in time for the start of the new study year.

Working away / secondment opportunities / Gap year

You may find yourself in a position where you are offered an opportunity to work at another office, even abroad for a period of time. If this is the case and your property will lie empty you may choose to rent it out. As this is your home, and has not been furnished as a rental property, you will most likely want to remove your furniture and personal items and store them until home becomes home again. A self storage unit will allow you to safely store your things and make way for renters. The other scenario is a student who is taking a gap year and is moving back home, or going travelling.

A new baby

Having a new baby may mean you have to clear out a spare room to make way for a nursery. If you have a bed and furniture in the room you may need to move these out to make room for a cot. Rather than sell them, place them in self storage until you need them again. If you have a change of heart you can always sell them or give them away.

Sports equipment and hobbies

Some sports equipment can be big and cumbersome to store and our homes don’t always have enough room to store them comfortably. It may be that you are involved in running a sports club and whilst you may love it, you don’t love the fact that your garage is full to brim of club equipment. If you’ve had enough of storing your hobbies in the hallway, dining room, garage, shed or loft, then maybe consider a local storage facility which you can access regularly and independantly whenever you need to use the equipment.

Storage for tradespeople – Tools and equipment

Leaving your tools in the van overnight is a risky business. Builders, painters and decorators, landscape gardeners, plumbers etc all have tools and spare parts and there’s not always room at home to store them, and of course there’s always the risk of complacency if you keep them at home, “I’ll leave them on the van, just for tonight”. Get into the habit of dropping your tools off at your self storage unit at the end of each day, and pick them up first thing the next morning ready for work. Your tools will be safely stored and you’ll free up space at home too.

Stock storage for online businesses

Do you operate a business that involves storing stock whilst it awaits sale? Have you got the opportunity to purchase a large amount of stock at a good price, but you have nowhere to store it? You may be storing this stock in a spare room or a garage. If you opt for self storage for your business needs you can claim back the valuable space in your home.

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